Calves are born with only on stomach but they quickly multiply!


  1. Did you know cows swallow their grass without chewing it? Gulp!
  2. As calves we only have one tummy but cows have four! The Rumen, the Reticulum [Ray-Tic-You-Lum], the Omasum [Oh-Ma-Sum], and the Abomasum [Ab-O-Ma-Sum]….that’s SUMthing eh!
  3. When my mum first eats her food it goes into the Rumen which is like a big tank. There’s lots of “Rumen” there!
  4. After the Rumen, food goes into the Reticulum which is like a net. Anything that is small enough goes through to the Omasum, but if it’s too big it gets burped back up! Moooop! Pardon me!
  5. This burping is called “rumination” The food that’s burped back up is called cud.
  6. The cows then chew their cud some more before swallowing it and sending it back again into the Rumen. Hmmm… double tasty!
  7. The Omasum then removes any juices and feeds them into the cow’s system.
  8. The last tummy is the Abomasum which is like ours and there the remaining food is gobbled up and the waste comes out as a cow pat! Stay clear of that end!

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