Freshstart® Calf Development Program

Wondering how to produce superior herd replacements? Do you want to avoid the post-weaning check and the associated losses in condition and weight? Do you want to improve the genetic quality of your herd in a natural and cost-effective way?

Freshstart-logoOur Freshstart® Calf Development Program is based on two important developments – HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber), and Captured Grain®, both of which have been pioneered by Fiber Fresh. Together, these starter feeds are changing the way calves are reared by producing not only better calves at weaning, but more importantly, heifers that have the ability to produce more milk throughout adult life.

Our unique calf feeds produce an environment where influential microflora enzymes are encouraged, and superior papillae development and density is established. The primary microflora and papillae establishment is something that can only be achieved in the first few weeks of an animal’s life and cannot be achieved at a later stage or mimicked by processed feeds.

The beauty of the Freshstart® Calf Development Program is that it advocates raising calves on a natural feed in a way that simply enhances nature’s intended path for a calf’s development. The reality is, in the evolutionary process, dry meal did not even exist – therefore a calf’s digestive system really can’t be tuned or optimised for hard feed. In contrast, the Freshstart® programme, which is based on fibre, simply improves the natural development process a calf has to go through. Ever wondered why calves will chew on anything available whether it be straw bedding or a piece of baling twine hanging from the roof? These are primal signals imprinted in the calf’s brain to compel it to seek fibre in a process that begins the development of the rumen. A veal calf, for instance, is a calf raised solely on milk and even at three months of age has no rumen development whatsoever and would probably die if suddenly weaned out onto pasture.

It now becomes obvious why the Freshstart® programme is a fibre based programme as it means we can work with nature and with a feed that allows the rumen to develop naturally.



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