Equine Articles

Feeding After Exercise

By Dr Nerida Richards B. Rur Sc PhD (RAnNutr) When horses exercise they burn up stored energy supplies, damaging muscle … Continue reading →

Feeding Before Exercise

By Dr Nerida Richards B. Rur Sc PhD (RAnNutr) The question of whether you should feed a horse before exercise is … Continue reading →

Forage Fibre the Key to Winter Feeding

By Dr Simone Hoskin PhD (Animal Nutrition) Whether you’re feeding an eventer or showjumper turned out for a winter rest, … Continue reading →

Nutritional Management of ‘Tying Up’

By Dr Simone Hoskin PhD (Animal Nutrition) What is Tying Up? Tying up is a broad term used to describe … Continue reading →

How Sweet is Your horse?

By Dr Simone Hoskin,  PhD (Animal Nutrition) In equine diets, ‘sugar’ is found in the contents of plant cells.  Technical … Continue reading →

Top international thoroughbred trainer prefers Fiber Fresh

Katsuhiko Sumii is a well known international trainer. He trained the first and second placing horses in the 2006 Melbourne … Continue reading →

Feed Forage Fibre for Gastric Health

By Dr Simone Hoskin,  PhD (Animal Nutrition) To keep your horse healthy on the inside they need fibre, lots and … Continue reading →

Feeding the Endurance Horse for Optimal Performance

Endurance riding is arguably the toughest test of a horse and rider’s fitness and stamina. Horses competing in this sport therefore have rather different … Continue reading →

Nutrition on the road

By Dr Simone Hoskin,  PhD (Animal Nutrition) Ready, set, go – your horse is in the spotlight looking top-notch and … Continue reading →

Getting it right in the feedbowl

By Dr Simone Hoskin PhD (Animal Nutrition) When preparing a diet for your horse, take care not to overlook the crucial … Continue reading →