FiberSure-infoLooking for a complete and balanced diet for your horse? FiberSure® is the perfect all-in-one option – particularly if you are concerned about growth related disorders like osteochondrosis and physitis whilst preparing your young horses, or improving a horse in poor condition.

FiberSure® is a Total Mixed Ration – a truly complete and balanced diet including forage – and is suitable for all horses, especially growing horses, stallions, and pregnant or lactating mares with elevated nutrient and energy needs. It is also ideal for growing young horses due to its level of quality protein, vitamin and mineral pre-mix and perfectly balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus to ensure optimal bone growth and development. With a full array of essential amino acids, FiberSure® will help ensure weight gain, optimal growth rates, and improve general body condition when needing to bulk up late foals and gangly two year olds, condition yearlings, or rehabilitate horses in poor condition.

FiberSure® contains high energy HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber) that has undergone a Controlled Fermentation™ process, and Captured Grain® (cracked maize) conveniently mixed in the correct proportion for good digestive health.


FiberSure® technical information

FiberSure® ingredient composition

HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber): Controlled Fermentation™ lucerne, Captured Grain® (cracked maize), Fiber Fresh vitamin and mineral pre-mix and cured molasses (1%)


More about HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber)

The HNF® in FiberSure® is produced exclusively by Fiber Fresh through a proprietary Controlled Fermentation™ process that not only preserves the full benefit of natural nutrition but also increases the energy value of the forage. This palatable high energy forage fibre, rich in natural yeasts and with an energy value similar to oats (but with the safety of fibre), can provide both the nutrients and energy for maximum performance.

Horses obtain more nutrients, get more energy from less feed, and retain more available energy for training and performance when fed HNF®.


FiberSure® feeding recommendations

FiberSure® incorporates a combination of moist HNF® and Captured Grain® (cracked maize) conveniently mixed in the correct proportion for good digestive health. The maize is cracked then softened and pre-digested through fermentation for better digestibility. As a Total Mixed Ration (TMR), FiberSure® can be used as the primary feed in the ration or even, in certain circumstances, as the sole feed source.

Always feed by weight and not volume and use scales to ensure accurate quantities. Feed at least 50% of your horse’s daily dry feed intake as forage and at least half of that as HNF®. Avoid excessive use of cereal based feeds and prolonged periods without forage-based fibre. Evenly divide the recommended daily feed amount into two or more equally spaced feeds per day. Always provide free access to clean, fresh water.


Daily Feeding Guide (as fed) – Primary Feed

The following recommendations are calculated to help correct the forage to grain ratio and provide a base of quality nutrition. Forage should make up at least 50% of the horses daily feed intake. Feeding levels are calculated to provide 50% of the daily forage requirements of the horse. Used at the following recommended daily feeding rates, FiberSure® will help ensure optimum nutrition, general health, good behaviour and improved performance in your horse.



Daily Feeding Guide (as fed) – Sole Feed

The advantage of a TMR is that it is nutritionally complete and balanced for essential forage. When used at the following rates FiberSure® provides at least 100% of the daily energy requirements of the horse and can be used effectively as the sole feed source. Each 1kg of FiberSure® fed provides the required proportion of forage, energy, protein and all vitamins and minerals needed by the horse. If used as a sole feed, no other feed source is necessary.



% Recommended Daily Intake – per 1kg feed (as fed)*


*Based on 12 month old yearling requirement, mature BW 500 kg (NRC 2007).
**Refers to the percentage of 1kg FiberSure® fed contributed by these nutrients, not the recommended daily intake.