Top international thoroughbred trainer prefers Fiber Fresh


Katsuhiko Sumii

Katsuhiko Sumii is a well known international trainer. He trained the first and second placing horses in the 2006 Melbourne Cup, Delta Blues and Pop Rock, as well as Vodka, a two-time Japanese Horse of the Year.

“My horses are being trained in a healthy way, and I find Fiber Fresh products to be safe, natural and healthy sources of fibre.

“When choosing feeds for my stable, I look for high calories for racing and in Fiber Fresh products I also have the ability to supply high energy through the forage-fibre portion of the diet. They must be feeds that the horses find palatable to reduce their stress.

“I have noticed that since using Fiber Fresh products the horses have better digestion and have less instances of colic. For putting condition on horses, and bringing the horses’ back to health after a hard campaign, the high protein content of FiberProtect® is exceptional. I find Fiber Fresh products to be consistently high quality and feel assured that any questions from my stable are dealt with quickly and professionally.

“Having healthy and happy horses in my stable winning races is my main objective.”

Katsuhiko Sumii, Trainer