Calf Research

Fiber Fresh feeds have proventhemselves in the field for many years.  To better understand why our feeds are so effective, we are continuing to conduct and support research into calf nutrition in partnership with the likes of Ag Research, Liggins Institute, Callaghan Innovation, Massey University, and other notable organisations.

Previous evidence from animals and also recent information from a multinational study in humans suggests that diet during pregnancy influences the subsequent growth and development of the offspring.  It is such information and the possibility to use diet to maximise the genetic potential of an adult mammal that led Fiber Fresh Feeds to seek the expertise of this world-renowned research facility.

It has long been recognised that calves reared on the Freshstart®, are very likely to enter the herd as bigger and better producing heifers, with superior rumen development.

The observation that Freshstart®  could be helping heifers reach their genetic potential has led Fiber Fresh, to engage in collaborative research to examine the possible mechanisms involved.  Information developed from this research may assist Fiber Fresh to further develop our products so that we can capitalise on the science of growth and development for the long-term benefit of New Zealand farmers.