Captured Grain® for Calves

Captured-Grain-logoFiber Fresh Feeds Ltd has developed and trademarked a proprietary process, Captured Grain®, which allows grains to be harvested and preserved in a manner that retains the full energy potential for conversion by the animal.

The Captured Grain® story begins when the grains are harvested fresh and moist in the doughy stage for maximum nutritional potential and brought back to the factory the same day for processing.  The grains are gently cracked open, blended directly with the HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber) during the Controlled Fermentation™ process and then sealed air tight in preparation for sale.  This entire process takes no longer than twelve hours.

The feeding value of these grains is a world away from the standard practice where grains are harvested and often subjected to a high temperature drying process.  The dried grains, when required for feed, are then cooked through the processes of either steam flaking or extrusion to try and release the original nutritional value.  These processes are neither natural nor do they fully recover the original nutritional values lost.

Captured Grain® processed through Controlled Fermentation™ and fed in conjunction with HNF® is a unique combination of feeds that is revolutionising the way calves are raised and will change calf rearing forever.