True Full Stomach Development

Fiber Fresh feeds is all about practicality and working with nature. It simply means raising a calf on a natural feed and in a natural way that purely enhances nature’s intended path for a calf’s development.

The reality is, in the evolutionary process dry meal did not exist. Therefore, Fiber Fresh feeds simply improves the natural development process a calf has to go through.

Ever wondered why calves will chew on anything available whether it be straw bedding or a piece of baling twine hanging from the roof? These are primal signals imprinted in the calf’s brain to compel it to seek fibre in a process that begins the development of the rumen. A veal calf, for instance, is a calf raised solely on milk and even at three months of age has no rumen development whatsoever and would probably die if suddenly weaned out onto pasture.

It now becomes obvious why Fiber Fresh is fibre based, as it means we can work with nature and with a feed that allows the rumen to develop naturally.

Fiber Fresh is research based and is the culmination of years of trials to develop the best method that will allow a calf to go from a milk reliant animal to one that can thrive and grow on pasture.

Recent trials provide an insight into how well the Fiber Fresh works.


A Fiber Fresh calf even at seven weeks of age will have a rumen that has up to 50% more surface area than a calf raised on a conventional system. Look closely at the photos and you’ll see not only a bigger rumen but also extensive muscular and vascular rumen development and the papillae on the inside are better developed. This superior development provides the calf with a greater surface area enabling greater efficiency and absorption of nutrients. However, a calf needs more than a healthy rumen to function properly. It also needs a well-developed – omasum – reticulum and abomasum, the true four stomachs of digestion, and Fiber Fresh is designed to develop all four correctly to grow the whole animal with an eye to securing future potential.