HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber) for Calves


HNF® is the result of processing certain forage crops such as lucerne (alfalfa), and selected grasses and crops such as timothy and whole oat plant via one of two Fiber Fresh proprietary processes we call Controlled Fermentation™ and Modified Bio Fermentation™. HNF® is exclusive to Fiber Fresh and contains levels of nutrients and energy unparalleled in any other forage-fibre in the world.

HNF® has the characteristics of fibre, but provides the energy of grain with the additional benefit of extra nutrients and vitamins; the feature high levels of protein, calcium and amino acids, as well as vitamins (B, C, D, E and K), essential for calves during the primary development phase.

HNF®  is a fibre with superior properties uniquely suited to calf rearing that improves gut wall integrity, papillae development and the laying down of primary enzymes all of which remain established for the life of the animal.

It is a crucial period in the animal’s existence where genetic functions are being established and once set, cannot be changed later in life.  Fiber Fresh recognises these important life building steps and has designed products to combine with this natural development and produce a digestive process of unparalleled efficiency.

Fiber Fresh recognises several important drivers that are required to occur to successfully rear a calf with increased production potential in adult life.  These drivers are all based on using a specially prepared fibre that complements conventional systems.

In respect of taking an animal from being totally milk reliant, to one that can live and thrive on pasture, fibre becomes the obvious choice.   HNF® acts differently in the gut and provides the important scratch factor; a process whereby papillae are triggered to develop.   HNF® provides bulk forcing the rumen to expand and muscles to develop, which in turn, agitates the feed.  These are all natural phenomena of a properly functioning rumen.