Captured Grain® for horses

Captured-Grain-logoSome of our feed products contain selected grains for added energy and these grains are present in greater quantities in our TMR (Total Mixed Ration) products FiberSure® and FiberEdge®.

These specially selected grains are carefully processed via our exclusive Captured Grain® method which allows grains to be harvested and preserved in a way that retains as much nutrient and energy as possible.

The standard method of processing grains subjects them to high temperature drying and periods of storage, when exposed to light and air, which can severely reduce nutrient levels. Standard methods of processing grains cannot recover the full, original level of nutrients in the grain at the time of harvest.


In contrast, Fiber Fresh’s Captured Grain® process starts by harvesting the grains fresh and moist from the field and bringing them back to our processing plant the same day. The grains are then gently cracked open, blended directly with HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber) during the Controlled Fermentation™ (or Modified Bio Fermentation™) process, and then immediately sealed in an airtight plastic bag. This entire process takes no longer than 12 hours ensuring goodness and nutrients are locked in and preserved. The minimum of intervention ensures a healthier, naturally nutritious feed for horses.


FiberBoost-bag  FiberEdge-bag