A Sceptic Converted

Linda Hofsteede

When Linda Hofsteede received a call from long-time friend and Fiber Fresh Area Consultant Nicci Crowe, about an amazing new calf feed she was promoting, Linda was dubious and had no plans to jump ship.

“I’m not one to change, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.”

“Last year I trialled Fiber Fresh’s new reformulated FiberGain partly due to my relationship with Nicci and just feeling let down by the other feed companies”.

But before jumping in boots and all, Linda wanted to see the results for herself and decided to run her own trial.

“I’ll be honest I was pretty sceptical, I said to Nicci that I wasn’t going to commit all of my calves to it, but I would put 40 on it.

“The Fiber Fresh calves weren’t the first 40 in the shed, I tried to make it as fair as possible and make sure they weren’t just the big ones. Nicci would probably say they were the worst 40!

“I decided that if I was going to trial it I was going to do it right. So, I put the 40 into the shed up by the house and I followed the guidelines of milk and FiberGain and I have to say I was really impressed with the results.”

Only trialling 40 on FiberGain and leaving the rest of the calves on muesli and pellets gave Linda the opportunity to compare the two herds.

“I tracked the weight gain between the herds and the FiberGain calves were ahead, their coats were shiny, their stomachs were deeper, and they were livelier, bouncing round like idiots! Whereas the other calves just didn’t have the same spark.”

The quality of the FiberGain was also a draw card for Linda.

“I love that the product is fresh and that once I had the system sorted they really got stuck into it.

“With the muesli I found that there wasn’t a lot of consistency and that the calves often didn’t hook into it.

“I think the formula of muesli changes a lot depending on what’s available that season and I would find that I’d only just got them eating the muesli and then I was supposed to be changing them onto the pellets and it was just messy to deal with.

“With the FiberGain it’s an all in one bag, you put it in and away they go. You also know that you have a consistent protein level with the fibre, when you’re feeding hay and you’re having to buy it in, the protein can really differ between each farm and crop.”

“The FiberGain calves have done amazingly. They tracked along well and when they went out to the paddock they didn’t have a check, they went straight onto grass and there was a real difference in the depth of their stomachs. When both herds were put together it was obvious which were the 40 that had been reared on the FiberGain, I’m really happy with the results of the trial.”

The results spoke for themselves and the coming Spring season Linda will be rearing all of her 250 replacement calves on FiberGain.

It is now fair to say that Linda is no longer a sceptic and has converted whole heartedly to the Fiber Fresh way of rearing healthier more productive calves.