Fiber Fresh allows R2 heifers to Calve Early

Carol Booth rears 400 calves each season.

Seasonal calving in the Deep South is always fractionally later than those further North. However, Carol Booth and her team have successfully managed to calve early for the past two years.

“We have been using Fiber Fresh for a number of years now, rearing 300 heifer replacements a year as well as a couple of 100 bull calves. Milking 900 cows in West Otago calving autumn and spring, winter milking twice a day with the use of the 840 bed wintering barn we wanted to make calf rearing as efficient and simple as possible. We used to put several feeds out on offer for the calves and they would pick and choose what they wanted to eat with no consistency.

Since changing our system to milk and Fiber Fresh, the calves coming through have become consistent in their development and have definitely improved in many ways. They are full of energy and the quicker rumen development is obvious. When they reach target weaning weights they are already set up for grass and the transition couldn’t be smoother.

This is the second year in a row that we have been able to calve the R2s in May at 22 months of age instead of 24. I don’t believe we would be able to do this without the growth and development Fiber Fresh provides right from the early stages as well as setting them up for life as a fibre grazing animal. Calves love Fiber Fresh with some having a nibble at only a few days old.

It is a very palatable, fresh feed to offer and what’s not to like; a highly digestible feed that improves and enhances rumen development and you end up with bigger, more matured and healthy animals.”