Travel Ezy®

10kg "Super Fibre" For Optimal Health, Digestion, and a Cool, Calm Performance" Travel Ezy® is a moist, highly digestible blend of forage fibres comprising lucerne and the equine specialty grass timothy. Timothy grass is high in dietary fibre, low in soluble carbohydrates and is known to facilitate better digestion, gut function and overall digestive health in horses. Travel Ezy® is a well-balanced multi-forage fibre providing good levels of digestible energy, protein and essential amino acids. It is recommended when increased fibre feeding or a consistent slow-release energy source are the objectives and when cool, slow-release energy is required. Travel Ezy® can be fed alongside or substituted for fresh pasture/hay feeding or mixed with hard feeds as a high-quality forage fibre source. Travel Ezy® is ideal as the primary forage feed to aid in the management of metabolic and digestive health in horses. It is a common-sense fibre choice for a calm and steady performance or for horses sensitive or prone to laminitis, or other sugar and starch-sensitive conditions. Travel Ezy® is completely safe as a consistent base forage and is suitable for all horses.
A 10kg, versatile, slow-release energy fibre suitable for all horses.
  • Fresh cut lucerne and equine specialty grass – timothy
  • Unique blend of high nutritional fibre
  • Moderate protein and energy
  • Very low in starch and sugar.

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Travel Ezy
  • Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

    Nutritional Juices (as fed)55.0%
    Crude Protein17.2%
    Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF)33.1%
    Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF)46.2%
    Soluble Sugars & Starch<4.5%
    Crude Fat2.7%
    Vitamin E32mg/kg
    Magnesium 0.18%
    Digestible Energy (DE)MJ/kg 9.9
  • Fiber Ezy® Feeding Recommendation
    When introducing Fiber Ezy® to the diet increase daily amounts by 0.5kg increments until the required feeding amount is reached as per our recommended feeding rates.

    We recommend roughly 0.5kg of Fiber Fresh per 100kg of horse

    For pre-travel, we recommend feeding a minimum of 1kg prior to travel for a 500kg horse.

    Feeding FiberEzy® at the correct ratio increases the digestibility of concentrates by 20-30%, therefore the daily amount of concentrates/hard feed can be reduced. How much to reduce this by will depend on the individual horse and can be reviewed by regular body condition scoring and weighing. Most sport/race horses do best on 4-6kg of FiberEzy® per day in addition to added energy such as grains/concentrate feeds, and fat/oil.

    Horse WeightPer Feed Fiber Fresh Weight RecommendedTotal Daily Fiber Fresh Weight Recommended
  • Travel Ezy® Feeding Notes
    When planning a diet, the most important consideration is that a horse must receive an absolute minimum of 1.5% of its body weight in forage fibre – e.g. hay, pasture, and/or Fiber Fresh per day. The remaining diet must then be balanced according to the quality and composition of the fibre and the physiological demands of the horse e.g. growth, lactation, extra energy for exercise, protein etc.

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