Feed for the competitive edge in animal performance with Fiber Fresh. We are the world leader in fibre nutrition for calves and horses and offer a full range of exceptional animal feeds. We undertake extensive scientific research to give you confidence in our products. If you are serious about improving your animal’s general health and performance, and realising its true potential, start with the advanced fibre nutrition of Fiber Fresh.


From dairy farmers and calf rearers looking to maximise long term potential in production animals, to horse owners looking for improved health and performance in their horse, Fiber Fresh is a better way of feeding.

Horses and a new-born calf have in common a single stomach. Their digestive systems, including the delicate balance of gut bacteria, have developed through evolution for forage consumption and fibre digestion. Yet, modern practice is to feed these animals grain and other concentrate feeds – energy rich but low-fibre substitutes which can cause serious digestive problems.

Our unique moist HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber) is a high quality, safe and healthy forage base feed for your animal that provides elevated energy, as well as highly digestible nutrients and protein allowing a reduction in grain and concentrate feeding with superior results.

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