We’re right beside you, wherever you are

It’s comforting to know that there are real people behind our very real products.

Our Area Consultants are there for you; to help choose the right product, to discuss tips and feeding advice, and to sort out any problems that might crop up. We won’t baffle you with science or force you to buy what you don’t want or need. But we know our stuff and can show you how to improve your results and increase your profits with valuable on-farm or in-stable advice.

Give us a call or an email and we’ll be pleased to call you or drop by next time we’re driving past your gate.

North Island



John Ridling

Mobile: 021 741 937

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Counties / North Waikato

Bronny Scott

Mobile: 021 741 968

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Luke Needham

Central Waikato

Luke Needham

Mobile: 021 741 970

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Bay of Plenty

Wade Cheesman

Mobile: 021 741 904

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South Waikato / King Country

Daniel Louch

Mobile: 021 741 903

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Kirsten Popplewell

Hawkes Bay / Wairarapa

Kirsten Popplewell

Mobile: 021 741 934

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John Atkin

Mobile: 021 741 961

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Manawatu / Wanganui

Katharine Van Tuyl

Mobile: 021 741 952

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South Island

Nicci Crowe

Upper South Island

Nicci Crowe

Mobile: 021 741 371

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Lower South Island

Brendon Burgess

Phone: 021 741 727

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