Calf Rearing the Fiber Fresh way

Fiber Fresh have been farming and rearing calves for over thirty years at our head office base and farm in Reporoa.  Each year we rear on average two hundred calves and have conducted numerous calf trials.

From years of experience we have developed tried and tested best practice guidelines proven to produce healthier, more productive calves’ year on year.  The winning formula is not rocket science and often it is the simple things done well that really make the difference.

Our unique high nutritional fibre product FibeGain sets the calf up for a life of grass (fibre) consumption.

Comprehensive field trials are backed up by a common-sense premise as well: The best way to prepare a calf for consuming pasture, is simply to consume fibre. FiberGain prepares the rumen for adult life by encouraging the correct micro flora-bacteria, increasing the size of the rumen, and developing the rumen’s papillae before weaning to ensure the progression to grass is smooth and stress free.

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