The easy way to get calves started

The problem of getting calves onto solid feed at an early stage is made much easier when using the technique of Lollipopping. This process was brought about by farmers experimenting with various methods of getting calves to readily start eating solid feed at an early stage.

Lollipopping works for several reasons:

  • It keeps the feed fresh at all times as the calves are continually eating the fresh exposed section at the top of the bag.
  • Stimulates the inquisitiveness that all calves have and encourages them to investigate and try something different.
  • Makes feeding easier and self regulated.

Just lean the bag against the side of the pen and cut the bag so you have exposed say 50-75m/m of product and remove any loose plastic. As the product is eaten expose more feed by cutting away the plastic around the top. After 1 – 2 weeks the calves should have accepted the feed and then just continue feeding in a trough as you normally would.