WhiteBag® is a high value, complete feed comprising of high nutritional fibres and quality grains.  WhiteBag® is economical and provides quality nutrition for animals requiring supplementary feeding.  WhiteBag® is an easy to use, versatile, highly palatable finishing feed.

The benefits of WhiteBag® include:

  • A balance of soluble energy and highly digestible protein
  • Versatile feed with added concentration of high quality fibre and grains
  • Improved nutrient absorption ideal for finishing and producing healthier, more contented animals
  • Ideal for animals over 12 weeks of age to sustain continued growth and development
  • Contains a Coccidiostat – suitable for cattle, goats and sheep


Feeding Guidelines:

For the best nutritional health and sustained growth feed WhiteBag® to your animals at around 1 to 2 kg per day to supplement grass.

Feed WhiteBag® to:

  • Help young stock keep their live weight gains on target
  • Complement / feed with other supplements
  • To ensure stock get a good mix of energy and protein in the diet
  • Gain extra condition for animals who are under performing or sale stock
  • Sheep and goats who have limited supply of feed available