FiberGain-info-2017FiberGain® is a high energy fibre/meal combination of fresh cut lucerne and freshly kibbled barley designed to give calves the best possible start to be healthy and more productive.  Calves will be grass ready in seven weeks with no weaning check, are physically more developed and ready to graze like mini cows from day one.

The high nutritional fibre in FiberGain®  encourages full stomach development and promotes rumen growth whilst at the same time improving enzyme activity and establishing correct gut microflora (bacteria) populations.  The fibre in FiberGain®  is highly digestible containing superior protein for better health and general calf advancement.

The kibbled barley is captured fresh from our fields in the Central Plateau.  The unique fermentation process makes it extremely digestible and provides high energy for sustained growth.  Calves find FiberGain®  highly palatable, it is easy and convenient to use, cost effective, and will condition calves for optimal health and performance.

To learn more about FiberGain®, or to place your order contact your local Fiber Fresh rep or preferred rural supplier.

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How to use FiberGain® 

  1. Make a small amount of FiberGain®  available from day one.
  2. Thoroughly clean the trough out daily for the first two weeks and replace with fresh product. Keeping the feed fresh will ensure maximum uptake.
  3. Continue to feed FiberGain®  adlib throughout the entire rearing period (10-12 weeks).
  4. Once calves are out on grass continue to feed FiberGain®  at approximately 2kgs per calf per day.