Fiber Fresh – high energy, moist, high nutitional forage feeds for better health and performance.

There are equine forage feeds – and then there is Fiber Fresh.

The key difference is our unique system of fresh forage harvesting and preservation. To us, ‘fresh forage’ means crops should be harvested from the field moist and succulent; they should be processed within hours, and then sealed into airtight packaging, locking in all the available nutrients.

We call this fresh forage HNF® (High Nutritional Fiber).

All of the moist feeds of Fiber Fresh are high energy HNF® forages, that is, they provide more than 10 mega joules of digestible energy (DE) per kg of dry matter (DM). HNF® is considerably more nutritious and supplies significantly more energy than that provided by traditional dried forages.

We produce three base fibre feeds; FiberProtect®, FiberEzy® and FiberMix®. These products are all high energy HNF® feeds and are each designed to be fed as the foundation of the ration, with pasture or, if required, grain-based concentrates making up the balance to satisfy the full nutritional requirements of the horse.

We also produce the distinctively different FiberSure® and FiberEdge®, two Total Mixed Rations (TMRs).

These truly complete and balanced feeds feature a base of HNF® and have been formulated to satisfy 100% of the daily nutritional needs of your horse including its forage needs.


FiberProtect-bag  FiberEzy-bag  FiberMix-bag  FiberBoost-bag  FiberEdge-bag