Suitable for all horses that require an all-round conditioning slow release energy feed.

  • A complete feed balanced with a vitiman and mineral supplement

  • Fresh cut lucerne and freshly kibbled barley

  • Builds top-line and condition

  • Superior protein and amino acids for growth and development


FiberBoost® is an oat free, complete feed mixed in the correct proportion of fresh cut lucerne and freshly kibbled barley balanced with a vitamin and mineral supplement.  The unique process of controlled fermentation of the kibbled barley enhances its digestibility to a level above that achieved by mircronisation.

FiberBoost® provides superior protein and amino acids for growth and development required by young growing horses, equine athletes and those requiring a conditioning feed or top-line boost . The balance of protein and highly digestible slow release energy makes it ideal for stallions, broodmares, youngsters and sport horses wanting a conditioning, safe, high performance feed.
FiberBoost® is a specifically formulated feed that will support weight gain, optimal growth rates, athletic performance, and improve general body condition and top-line.


FiberBoost® technical information:


FiberBoost® ingredient composition

Lucerne (alfalfa), kibbled barley, cured molasses (4%), Xanotyde® and a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Feeding Recommendations

FiberBoost® is a complete feed mixed in the correct proportions of fibre and grain. Other non grain energy sources (e.g. oil) may be added to the ration if necessary to meet very high nutrient demands. Always feed by weight and not volume and use scales to ensure accurate quantities. Always provide free access to fresh, clean water.

Daily Feeding Guide (as fed)

Refer to the following table for recommended feeding rates calculated to provide at least half of the daily energy requirements of the horse. These amounts will provide a solid base of quality nutrition and should be divided across 2-3 meals per day.  Forage must  make up atleast 50%of the horses daily feed intake, so vhay or pasture is required in addition.
Used at the following recommended daily feeding rates, FiberBoost® will help ensure optimum nutrition, performance, and general health, and improve top-line / condition in your horse.




Every kg of FiberBoost® fed represents the following % of the horses total intake:

*Based on average 500kg horse in moderate exercise (NRC 2007).
**Refers to the percentage of 1kg FiberBoost® fed contributed by these nutrients, not the recommended daily intake.