Do you want a high performance, all-in-one feed solution that delivers the perfect combination of fast and sustained release energy but doesn’t leave your horse with serious digestive issues? FiberEdge® may be the perfect solution for your horse.

FiberEdge® is a Complete feed – a truly complete and balanced diet including forage – and is suitable for all horses, especially those in high levels of training or competition.

FiberEdge® is a combination of moist, high energy, freshly cut lucerne that has undergone a Modified Bio Fermentation™ process, and freshly crushed oats conveniently mixed in the correct proportion for good digestive health.

FiberEdge® has a high ratio of High Nutritional Fibre and contains highly digestible protein and all the amino acids required to build muscle and top line, thus aiding muscle repair and recovery after exercise. Feeding FiberEdge® helps ensure performance horses can continue competing without their potential being undermined by poor gastrointestinal health.


FiberEdge® technical information:


FiberEdge® ingredient composition

Lucerne (alfalfa), crushed oats, Xanotyde®, a vitamin and mineral supplement and cured molasses (4%).

FiberEdge® is produced exclusively by Fiber Fresh Feeds through a proprietary Modified Bio Fermentation™ process that not only preserves the full benefit of natural nutrition but also increases the energy value of the forage. This palatable high energy forage fibre, rich in natural yeasts and with an energy value similar to oats (but with the safety of fibre), can provide both the nutrients and energy for maximum performance.

FiberEdge® will also help to reduce acidity in the stomach and hindgut and provide a more favourable environment for digestion through its natural buffering capacity. Horses obtain more nutrients, get more energy from less feed, and retain more available energy for training and performance when fed FiberEdge®.

Feeding recommendations

FiberEdge® is a complete feed mixed in the correct proportions of fibre and grain.  Other energy sources may be added to the ration if necessary to meet higher nutrient demands.

Always feed by weight and not volume and use scales to ensure accurate quantities. Feed at least 50% of your horse’s daily dry feed intake as forage.  Avoid excessive use of cereal based feeds and prolonged periods without forage-based fibre. Evenly divide the recommended daily feed amount into two or more equally spaced feeds per day. Always provide free access to clean, fresh water.

Daily Feeding Guide (as fed) – Primary Feed

The following recommendations are calculated to help correct the forage to grain ratio and provide a base of quality nutrition. Forage should make up at least 50% of the horse’s daily feed intake. Feeding levels are calculated to provide 50% of the daily forage requirements of the horse. Used at the following recommended daily feeding rates, FiberEdge® will help ensure optimum nutrition, general health, good behaviour and improved performance in your horse.

For sustained dietary relief of digestive discomfort and gastric intolerance to excessive grain use in active horses, feeding 1.75kg/100kg bodyweight daily (8.75kg of FiberEdge® as fed for a 500kg horse) will improve digestive function and gastric health.



% Recommended Daily Intake – per 1kg feed (as fed)*

*Based on average 500kg horse in heavy exercise (NRC 2007).
**Refers to the percentage of 1kg FiberEdge fed contributed by these nutrients, not the recommended daily intake.