For horses that require cool energy and are sensitive to high starch feeds.

  • Fresh cut lucerne and equine specialty grass – timothy

  • Superior fibre, low GI feed

  • Slow release non heating energy

  • Very low starch and soluble sugar content



FiberEzy® is a moist, high nutritional fibre comprising of lucerne and the equine specialty grass timothy.  The inclusion of timothy grass provides a consistently higher form of dietary fibre for even better gut function and digestive health.

FiberEzy® is a nicely balanced multiple  fibre, safe and healthy base feed suitable for all horses.  It is best recommended when higher fibre feeding is the objective and when high levels of energy is not required.

FiberEzy® is ideal for horses that require cool energy or are participating in activities that don’t require high energy outputs.  It is a common sense fibre choice for a calm and steady performance or for horses that are sensitive or prone to laminitis, are convalescing or recovering from surgery.


FiberEzy® technical information

FiberEzy® ingredient composition

Lucerne, timothy grass, and cured molasses (1%).


FiberEzy® Features

FiberEzy®  not only preserves the full benefit of natural nutrition but also increases the energy value of the forage. This palatable forage fibre rich in natural yeasts, can provide both the nutrients and energy for maximum performance.

FiberEzy® can reduce acidity in the hindgut and provide a more favourable environment for digestion through its natural buffering capacity. Horses obtain more nutrients, get more energy from less feed, and retain more available energy for training and performance when fed FiberEzy®.


FiberEzy® feeding recommendations

FiberEzy® should be used to support pasture feeding, or mixed with concentrate feeds as a high quality forage source of energy and nutrients. The equine specialty grass timothy is high in dietary fibre and low in soluble carbohydrates and is known to facilitate better digestion in horses. A lower energy forage fibre, FiberEzy® is completely safe and ideal as the base forage in the ration to aid in the management of metabolic and digestive health in horses with lower energy demands.

Always feed by weight and not volume and use scales to ensure accurate quantities. Feed at least 50% of your horse’s daily dry feed intake as forage and at least half of that as FiberEzy®. Avoid excessive use of grain based feeds and prolonged periods and ensure your horse always has access to high quality forage such as FiberEzy®. Evenly divide the recommended daily feed amount into two or more equally spaced feeds per day. Always provide free access to clean, fresh water.


Daily Feeding Guide (as fed) – Primary Feed

The following recommendations are calculated to help correct the forage to grain ratio and provide a base of quality nutrition. Forage should make up at least 50% of the horses daily feed intake. Feeding levels are calculated to provide 50% of the daily forage requirements of the horse. Used at the following recommended daily feeding rates, FiberEzy® will help ensure optimum nutrition, general health, good behaviour and improved performance in your horse.


*Mature body weight 500kg horse, NRC 2007.


Every kg of FiberEzy® fed represents the following % of the horses total intake:


*Based on average 500kg horse in moderate work (NRC 2007).
**Refers to the percentage of the diet contributed by these nutrients, not the recommended daily intake.