Fiber Start®

High Nutritional Forage Fibre For Calves

Fiber Start® is a moist, high nutritional forage fibre comprising of fresh-cut lucerne designed to give the calf the best possible start to be healthy and more productive. What makes FiberStart® so unique is the advanced process that results in a superior high nutritional fibre. FiberStart® will take the calves from being totally milk reliant to ones that thrive and develop to their full potential with no weaning check.

Start® begins full stomach development and promotes rumen growth while at the same time improving enzyme activity and establishing correct microflora (bacteria) populations. Start® is an easily digested fibre that allows the animal to follow a natural path of development and provides quality essential protein for sustained growth. Ruminants will develop heavier, stronger rumens, and will ultimately be better-performing healthier animals.

Research has shown that Fiber Start® can alter the primary papillae growth and enzyme population; setting the calf up for increased production later in life. By creating this early digestive development the calf is off to a great start with a rumen that has more surface area offering better efficiency and absorption of nutrients. This specially prepared fibre is also designed to create an environment within the rumen where an explosion of enzyme and microflora activity takes place putting the calf well on the path to true four-stomach development and greater digestive capacity.

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Fiber Start
  • Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)

    Crude Protein20%
    Crude Fat2.9%
    Crude Fibre27%
    Metabolisable Energy11.5 MJ/kg
    Nutritional Juices (As Fed)55.0%
  • How to use FiberStart®

    1. Make available from day one.
    2. There are two feeding methods that can be used in the first two weeks of the rearing period:
      • Lollipopping a bag of FiberStart® in the pen (refer to the section below). If feeding meal, continue feeding this in your trough.
      • If you are not using the Lollipopping method place your FiberStart® and meal on a 50/50 ratio into the trough and mix together.

    FiberStart® is compatible with your preferred meal – almost any cereal based concentrate calf feed can be fed alongside FiberStart®. By replacing lower quality forages such as hay, straw, chaff and silage/baleage, the full benefits of FiberStart® can be realised resulting in maximum nutrition and growth.


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