Our Process


Optimising Nature’s Brilliance To Create Superfood

From planting, growing and harvesting the lucerne, through to applying our fermentation process and packing our all-natural products for distribution, we manage every detail to ensure our products are delivering the same quality feed, every time.

Starting with the harvest, we carefully select and cut our lucerne at the perfect time. Within 36 hours, it goes through our proprietary controlled fermentation process, giving Fiber Fresh products a nutrient retention of more than 90% of the original value from the field.

That means your animals get virtually the same benefits as eating our lucerne fresh from the field.

“Producing our forage feeds is an exact science.
No one else goes to the same levels that we do
to ensure you get a safe and nutritious product for your animals.”


We don’t just know our products are the best for your animals – we’ve got the science to prove it.

Since our inception, we’ve invested millions into testing our products, to ensure we continue to deliver remedial, preventative and performance benefits for animals.
Our testing also ensures our fermentation process presents our lucerne-based feed in the best possible nutritional state.

Most animal feed products claim certain health benefits, but very few back this up with scientific proof. At a time when people are putting more time and attention into their animals’ health, our scientifically proven products give you the confidence that you’re feeding your animal what nature intended.

Research and development leads us to knowledge, learnings and growth, so you can trust that we will continue to invest in this area
– it’s an integral part of who we are.