Calf Rearing the Fiber Fresh Way

Fiber Fresh Calf Rearing - Four Golden Rules

How to use FiberGain®

Fiber Fresh have been farming and rearing calves for over thirty years at our head office base and farm in Reporoa. Each year we rear on average two hundred calves and have conducted numerous calf trials.

From years of experience we have developed tried and tested best practice guidelines proven to produce healthier, more productive calves year on year. The winning formula is not rocket science – and often it is the simple things done well that really make a difference.

Must Do’s

Fiber Fresh recommend that the following best practice guidelines are implemented:

  • Early colostrum – ensure calves have at least 2 litres of colostrum inside 18 hours of birth
  • Spray areas regularly with a viricide
  • Regularly change bedding
  • Unlimited access to clean water
  • Provide a well ventilated draft free calf shed / shelter
  • Provide an isolation area for new calves coming into the shed
  • Quickly identify any ill calves and isolate
  • Thoroughly clean milk feeders and troughs regularly
  • Make only one change at a time to the calf’s environment to minimise stress

Weaning the Calf from Milk

There are three key check points that should be considered before weaning your calves from milk:

  1. The calf would ideally be at a minimum of seven weeks of age
  2. Calves should weigh between 75kg and 80kg (Friesians)
  3. Calves should be consuming approximately 2kg of FiberGain® per calf per day

If you can confidently tick these points off, weaning from milk can take place. At this time reduce the milk over three days then stop altogether. Continue with the same routine minus the milk and feed FiberGain® adlib during this transition period to ensure calves are settled before moving onto pasture.

Calves on Pasture

Now that calves are on pasture continue to feed FiberGain® at a rate of 2kgs per calf per day until calves have met the desired weight. Calves should now be grazing like mini cows having experienced no weaning check.

For optimal results during the grass transition phase, start calves in a smaller paddock for the first two weeks. At the conclusion of these two weeks, calves will be fully ready to thrive on pasture alone in larger spaces.

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