Fiber Boost+

Boost+® contains a comprehensive vitamin and
mineral premix so it can now be fed as a complete
feed taking out the guesswork and need for
additional supplements.

Fiber Fresh Boost+® is a specifically
formulated feed comprising of freshly cut
Lucerne and kibbled Barley, mixed in the
correct proportions, of fibre:grain being a
2:1 ratio by weight.

This ratio is ideal to increase saliva
production, slow intake, increase digestion
and metabolism of both the grain and
fibre portion, plus maintains healthy
gut function and hydration. The unique
process of controlled fermentation of the
Barley enhances its starch digestibility.
  • Fresh cut Lucerne and kibbled Barley to
    optimise digestive health
  • Builds top-line and condition
  • Superior protein and amino acids for
    young growing horses
  • Contains all essential vitamins and
    minerals for a complete feed
Fiber Boost+
  • Fiber Boost+® provides superior protein and amino acids for growth and development required in young growing horses, equine athletes and those requiring a conditioning feed or top-line boost. The balance of protein and highly digestible slow release energy makes it ideal for stallions, broodmares, youngsters and sport horses wanting a safe, high energy performance feed.

    Fiber Boost+® is the highest energy/calorie product within the Fiber Fresh range. It is therefore ideal to maintain body weight in older horses.
  • Typical Analysis
    Dry Matter Basis

    Crude Protein17.5%
    Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF)16.2%
    Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF)23.9%
    Crude Fat2.6%
    Vitamin E225mg/kg
    Nutritional Juices (As Fed)45%
    Digestible Energy (DE)13.0Mj/kg
  • Fiber Boost+® Feeding Recommendation
    When planning a horse’s diet, the most important thing to consider is that the horse must receive an absolute minimum of 1.5% of its bodyweight in forage fibre – e.g. hay, pasture, and or Fiber Fresh. The rest of the diet must then be balanced according to the composition of that fibre and the physiological demands of the horse e.g. growth, lactation, exercise for extra energy, protein etc.

    When introducing Fiber Boost+® to the diet increase daily amounts by 0.5kg increments until the required feeding amount is reached as per our recommended feeding rates.

    We recommend feeding a minimum of 2kg per day. Most sport/race horses do best on 4-6kgs of FiberBoost® per day.

    Light Work (resting / pleasure)1kg – 3kg
    Moderate Work (showjumping / dressage / eventing)2kg – 6kg
    Heavy Work (racing / endurance)4kg+
    Growing Horses And Pregnant Mares2kg – 6kg
    Breeding Stallions3kg – 6kg
    Lactating Mares4kg+

From Nature, Proven by Science

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