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What is your best driving achievement?

Any win or good year driving is always a huge thrill for me they all have their place. But driving my first-ever North Island derby win and matching it with a New Zealand derby win in the same year with Merlin would rate against one of my major thrills so far. Fingers crossed we can keep it going!

Your best tip for your discipline(s)?

I was brought up old school so, head down bum up. It’s a tough world but hard work gets you a long way in the horse industry.

Who inspires you?

My family and friends inspire me. to see the people closest to me achieve their goals makes me want to work harder and achieve my own. I also love beating my dad and brother out there!

Who else do you work with?

I work with a few legends at Lincoln Farms. First Raymondo the boss (Ray Green), Andy and Craig the not-so-sharp brothers (an inside joke). Moni, Nate, Olie, and Pootamarama. A great team great environment.

Best feeding tip?

Feeding can be difficult depending on the horse, as we all probably know. But the one thing I was always taught was roughage is key to a healthy gut. Starting from my pop (John Butcher) and then my dad (David Butcher) I have learnt that you can give them as much hard feed as you please to add condition but without the double amount of roughage it’s a waste of time!

Favourite product and why?

That's a pretty easy answer, FIBER FRESH! My horses love Fiber Active – it helps with hydration and is also a great performance feed.

Your advice for someone thinking about switching to Fiber Fresh?

Give it a go! Your horses may take some time to adjust to the change, as horses are creatures of habit - they like what they are used to. But the results speak for themselves. Glowing coats, happy horses, healthy bellies, empty feed bins, winners on the race track, what more can we ask for! If you're not sure ask Mantra Blue, she will tell you Fiber Fresh all day!
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