Makenzie Causer


Fuelled By Fiber Fresh

What is your best riding achievement?

My most recent favourite riding achievement would be winning the Six-Year-Old and Seven-Year-Old series titles in the 2022/2023 season.

Your best tip for your discipline(s)?

My best tip would be to have lots of patience and take every horse as an individual. They are all different and learn in their own way and at their own pace.

Who inspires you?

Scott Brash and Henrik Von Eckermann are a huge inspiration to me. They are both masters at what they do. Their horses are beautifully in sync with them and they make the hardest course look easy.

Who else do you work with?

I am lucky to be trained by Colin and Toni Mclntosh and Michelle Strapp.

Best feeding tip?

We have a few feeding tips at Aspen Park which we love. The first is the convenience of Fiber Fresh for travelling. The horses all get a feed of Fiber Protect before they get on the truck. It’s an easy way to ensure they are hydrated and have full stomachs for the trip ahead. The second is when we are on outings such as the beach or away from home lessons, we take a feed of Fiber Protect for each horse once they are done. It’s an easy, mess-free and convenient way to bring a snack; unlike hay, Fiber Protect is much more nutritionally valuable. The third tip is when at shows it can be busy with a big team of horses, so each morning we make up feeds of Fiber Fresh. These buckets sit over by the stables and are an easy and quick way for myself or show groom Laura to feed them throughout the day.

Favourite product and why?

Fiber Protect would have to be our favourite product in the Fiber Fresh range. It is a delicious, nutritious and balanced feed that is suitable for all the horses at Aspen Park, and they’re all looking and performing better than ever.

Your advice for someone thinking about switching to Fiber Fresh?

I would highly recommend switching to Fiber Fresh. The team are super supportive and will help you find the right feed for your horse. They have a range of super products that fit many different horses and disciplines and the results will speak for themselves! It has never been so easy and rewarding feeding my horses and preparing and caring for them all year round.

Show Jumping

Copabella Camouflage (Copabella Cadiz x Copabella Visage)
Dolcè Del Colle (Air Jordan x Corofino I)
Lord Axel GNZ (Lordano x Corlando)
Anouk G Z (Action-Breaker x Calvados)
Aspen Park Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania x Landor S)