Monica Spencer


Fiber Fresh. On your side all the way

My most memorable equestrian achievement:

Definitely winning the 4star at Puhinui International 3day in 2020.
This was made even more special as Artist had just stepped up to that level and Puhinui was only his 2nd ever 4star.

My horses to watch this season

I'm lucky to have a very nice team of horses. Artist is one to watch and he'll be getting more established at 4star this season targeting Taupo 3day and aiming for an overseas campaign within the next year.

Monica's feeding tips

Fiber Protect is my favourite Fiber Fresh product, I love it for protection against ulcers and overall gut health.
My horses all fiber protect twice daily, I add different Dunstan feeds to this depending on each horses needs.

Tips for travelling horses

I give my horses a feed of fiber pro before going on the truck and if the trip is more than 3 hours I will stop to give them another fibre pro snack. This helps to keep them comfortable in their gut and ensures happy healthy horses on arrival at the show.

Who inspires you

Erik Duvander , Jock Paget , Charlotte Dujarden

My favourite riding accessories?

My Butet saddles from Maddox Equestrian hands down, I wouldn't ride in anything else!

Do you have a lucky charm?

My husband Spence.
He's my biggest supporter! It makes the success even sweeter with him there to share it and the lows easier with him in my corner no matter how it goes on the day.


Good Timing
Chasing Great

Monica Loves to Feed: