Boost+ Feeding Guide

Boost+ Feeding Guide

Boost+ is a specially formulated horse feed designed to provide your horse with the balanced nutrients they need. However, introducing any new feed into your horse's diet should be done with care and consideration. In this feeding guide, we'll walk you through some important tips for feeding your horses Boost+.

What is Boost+?
Fiber Fresh Boost+® is a specifically formulated feed comprising of freshly cut Lucerne and kibbled barley, mixed in the correct proportions, of fibre:barley at a 2:1 ratio (in weight). This ratio is essential to maintain a healthy gut and avoid issues such as gastric ulcers. Boost+ also includes a complete vitamin and mineral premix to ensure that your horse receives a fully balanced diet. Boost+ is our conditioning feed. We recommend it for growing horses, elderly horses, and any horses with additional energy needs (such as serving or lactating).

Maintaining the Fibre-to-Grain Ratio
Boost+ is a complete feed and is designed with a specific fibre-to-grain ratio (2:1) to ensure optimal digestion and prevent gut issues like gastric ulcers. It's crucial to maintain this balance if you do decide to add additional hard feeds. If you increase grain in your horse's diet, make sure to add twice the amount of fibre to maintain the 2:1 ratio. We recommend using Fiber Protect, which is 100% premium lucerne, to ensure your horse continues to receive the appropriate ratio in their feed bowl.

Understand Your Supplements
Boost+ is formulated to be a complete feed, providing your horse with a well-rounded spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals. Adding additional mineral supplements or other feeds may disrupt this balance and lead to your horse consuming excessive rates of certain minerals. It's important to understand that Boost+ is designed to meet the nutritional needs of horses in various stages of activity and life.

We recommend that if you must add something, that you do your homework about what’s in it. If you find that the vitamins and minerals in your supplement match the ones in our premix, feeding it alongside boost+ may be unnecessary.

Remember that each horse is unique, so it's advisable to consult with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist for personalized feeding recommendations based on your horse's specific needs.