Feed 2:1

Feed 2:1

Getting it right in the feed bowl

Forage is an essential part of any equine diet, and getting the right amount of high quality forage in the feed bowl is often over looked. Getting the correct balance of fibre in the feed bowl will improve gut function, digestive health and can improve the total digestibility of the diet. Meals containing a high percentage of grains and concentrates often lead to issues such as gastric ulceration so it is important that each and every feed is correctly balanced with the right amount of forage.

Feeding Fiber Fresh feeds at a 2:1 ratio with grains or concentrates will ensure each meal is correctly balanced for your horse. The National Research Council (NRC) guidelines advise that a horse should never be fed more than 50% of its total diet as grains or concentrates (Dry Matter calculation). When mixing Fiber Fresh and grains together at the 2:1 ratio, each feed will meet the NRC guidelines. Always feed 2:1 by weight, not volume.

Feeding Fiber Fresh at the 2:1 ratio introduces a better balance of safe forage energy and nutrition for your horse. The added benefit of improved digestion and gastrointestinal (gut) health will often mean that less grains or concentrates are required to reach your required energy levels.

Scientific trials have shown that increasing the proportion of Fiber Fresh in the feed bowl can increase digestible energy by up to 9%.

Feed example:

2kg of FiberProtect® and 1kg of a typical Low GI Sport horse mix provides the same energy and 31% more quality protein than 2kg of the same sport horse mix fed by itself.


Always feed by weight and not volume and preferably use scales to ensure accurate quantities. Feed at least 50% of your horse’s daily dry feed intake as forage and at least half of that as your preferred Fiber Fresh feed. Avoid excessive use of grain based feeds and prolonged periods without forage-based fibre. Evenly divide the recommended daily feed amount into two or more equally spaced feeds per day.
Always provide free access to water.