Fiber Fresh Protect® registered as equine ulcer aid!

Fiber Fresh Protect® registered as equine ulcer aid!

Fiber Fresh equine feed product FiberProtect® has been officially registered by the government’s food safety programme as an aid in the treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers in horses.

The natural forage feed product has been registered as an official veterinary medicine under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act 1997, after undergoing three scientific trials which proved FiberProtect® was an effective aid in the management of ulcers.

The product was trialled on horses with known ulcers and proven to provide relief of ulceration and returned the stomach to a normal, healthy condition within 28 days in 100% of horses studied.

FiberProtect® is a recognised natural treatment for horses, people can be confident they are feeding their horse the very best.

By feeding FiberProtect®, you are not only aiding in the treatment and prevention of ulcers, but you’re also feeding a top-quality, high nutritional fibre feed at the same time.

The ACVM registration process was extremely thorough and about recognising the evidence that shows what is in the product and what it can do. Our feed has now been registered as a veterinary medicine – providing a healthy and natural way of treating ulcers.

Taupo equine vet Wallie Neiderer has been using FiberProtect® for many years and has seen the benefits on performance himself.

“Fiber Fresh and I go back a long way – back to my days as the Olympic Equestrian Team vet between 1984 and 2000. I’ve continued using it because of its convenience, consistency, palatability and the fact horses always do well on it.

“I’d previously seen the results of horses fed on Fiber Fresh in terms of performance but didn’t necessarily know why. It’s no surprise that it’s been proven to aid in ulcer treatment – it all fits together now, the last bit of the puzzle.

“It’s a great form of drug-free treatment. My wife and I both use it for our hunters, eventers and showjumpers for the ulcer treatment aspect, as well as the nurtitional value.”

FiberProtect® consists of high-energy, moist forage feed produced by a unique system of fresh forage harvesting and preservation.

A big part of prevention also comes down to “getting it right” in the feed bowl.

Finding the right balance in the feed bowl is imperative when it comes to gastric health and preventing ulcers. It’s important to find the balance between feeding grains for energy and high nutritional fibre for optimal health.

Used at the right levels, FiberProtect® ensures improved general health and behaviour in horses. It also aids in the removal of stomach ulcers, and helps prevent ulcer recurrence – provided that cereal based hard feed doesn’t make up more than 50% of a horse’s daily feed.

Fiber Fresh is New Zealand’s largest equine animal feed exporter and world leading fibre nutrition company.