Non-Heating, Slow Release Energy for the Season

Non-Heating, Slow Release Energy for the Season

As a responsible horse owner, you understand that meeting your equine companion's energy requirements is crucial, especially if they lead an active and athletic lifestyle. However, finding the right balance of energy to fuel their performance while maintaining their composure can be a delicate task. The key lies in providing a slow-release energy source, and the answer might be simpler than you think – increasing fibre in their feed.

Choosing the Right Energy Source for Sport Horses
When it comes to fuelling the energy needs of sport horses, not all sources are created equal. Many horse owners might be tempted to rely solely on high-grain or hard feed to boost energy levels. While grains can certainly provide an energy spike, they can also lead to a "hot" or excitable temperament, and disrupt gut health if adequate fibre is not supplied. For equine athletes, maintaining a calm and focused demeanour is essential for peak performance, making slow-release energy a game-changer.

Slow-release energy sources are ideal for sport horses as they offer sustained energy over an extended period, helping to support endurance and performance without triggering hyperactivity. This is natural fibre feeds come into play. Fiber Fresh is a slow-release, very low sugar fibre source. Sitting at less than half the amount of sugar that is found in dry chaff.

So How Can I Give My Horse More Energy?
When seeking to enhance your horse's energy levels without the risk of making them "hot," increasing fibre content in their feed should be your first point of call. Fibre is a complex carbohydrate that is slowly fermented in the hindgut of the horse. As a result, it provides a steady release of energy, promoting endurance and stamina during physical activities.

The Added Perk – Grain Intake
Boosting fibre in your horse's diet not only provides more slow-release energy but can also lead to a reduction in how much hard feed is required. By incorporating more fibre-rich forages into their diet, you may find that your horse requires fewer concentrates. This is not only beneficial for maintaining a level-headed temperament but also supports their gut health. A higher fibre intake can reduce the risk of digestive issues such as colic and ulcers, promoting overall well-being.

Tailored Energy Options from Fiber Fresh
At Fiber Fresh, we understand the importance of providing the right energy source for your sport horse. That's why we offer a range of feeds with varying energy levels, catering to horses of differing needs:
• Meadow: A highly digestible cool energy fibre, comprised of high fibre grasses (no Lucerne). Our lowest energy option.
• Ezy: Comprised of fresh cut lucerne and equine specialty grasses. For horses that require cool energy and are sensitive to high starch feeds
• Protect: Fresh cut lucerne with Xanotyde®. Aids in the prevention of ulcers in horses. Suitable for anywhere between leisure and competitive horses.
• Active: For performance horses with additional energy requirements. Comprised of fresh cut lucerne and traditional whole oat plant.
• Boost+: Suitable for young horses, old horses, equine athletes, and those requiring a conditioning feed or top-line boost. Comprised of fresh cut lucerne and kibbled barley.

Each feed in our range has been meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of horses at different performance levels. Whether you aim to enhance endurance or require added conditioning, Fiber Fresh has the perfect blend to suit your horse's specific needs.

With Fiber Fresh, you can trust that your sport horse will receive the ideal balance of slow-release energy and top-notch nutrition, setting the stage for success in every discipline. Choose the feed that aligns with your horse's energy demands, and watch them thrive while maintaining a steady and composed demeanour.