The Scientifically Proven Advantages of Fibre Stems Over Fibre Pellets

The Scientifically Proven Advantages of Fibre Stems Over Fibre Pellets

Chewing isn't just a mundane action for horses; it's a vital physiological process crucial for their digestion and overall health.

A recent study delved into the effects of fibre form—specifically, comparing cut stems with fibre cubes—on equine chewing and feeding behaviour.

Key Findings:
Cubes vs Stems: When fed the same amount overnight, horses consuming cubes spent 24% less time eating (an average of 67 minutes less) and performed 26% fewer chews compared to when eating stems.

Eating Duration: Horses eating cubes spent less time consuming their feed per hour compared to those feeding on stems.

Dust Formation: While pellet feeding resulted in higher inhalable dust concentrations, particularly in the larger particle size, the overall dust levels for both cubes and stems remained within acceptable hygienic standards.

Implications and Recommendations:
The study's observations suggest that relying solely on cubes as the primary forage source may not be optimal due to reduced eating time and fewer chews. This could potentially impact the horse's digestive process and overall health. While cubes can be a part of the diet, supplementing them with other forms of fibre is recommended. This ensures that horses engage in adequate chewing, promoting better digestion and overall health.

Final Thoughts:
Inadequate chewing may lead to boredom behaviours, behavioural issues, stress, and health issues. Understanding how different feed forms influence equine chewing behaviours provides valuable insights for horse owners. It emphasizes the importance of chewing in feeding practices to support optimal digestion and well-being.

Remember, a balanced and varied diet isn't just about nutrition; it's about enabling horses to exhibit their natural feeding behaviours, contributing to their overall health and happiness. We recommend a diet that includes roughly 0.5kg of Fiber Fresh per 100kg of horse (Or at a rate of 1.5% of their body weight, minus their hay and pasture intake). Fiber Fresh fibre encourages sufficient chewing and natural foraging behaviours when fed alone with minerals or alongside hard feed. PLUS all our fibre is dust-free.

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