Wendi Williamson Sweeps up Sydney CDI

Wendi Williamson Sweeps up Sydney CDI

Fiber Fresh is thrilled to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our sponsored rider, Wendi Williamson, and her remarkable horse, Don Vito MH. Their stunning performance at the Sydney CDI was nothing short of spectacular, underscoring the strength of their partnership and the effectiveness of our nutritional products.

Wendi and Don Vito MH began their campaign at the Sydney CDI with an outstanding performance, winning the CDI3* FEI Grand Prix with a score of 71.065%. They continued their winning streak with a score of 72.149% in the Grand Prix Special, which coincided with Wendi’s birthday, making the victory even more special. The crowning achievement came in the Freestyle, where they scored an impressive 75.175%, completing a clean sweep of the competition. Notably, Wendi’s triumph marked the third consecutive year that a New Zealander has won this class, a testament to her exceptional skill and dedication.

Wendi’s bond with Don Vito MH is truly special. Having raised him since he was a foal, their connection is evident in their performances. “Don Vito was just amazing,” Wendi remarked. “He was so much more together and powerful in Sydney. It was definitely another level.” This connection was echoed by Elke Ebert, a German judge at the Sydney CDI, who had also judged at the FEI World Cup final. Ebert’s positive assessment further affirmed the quality and potential of Wendi and Don Vito.

Their relationship is not just about competition; it’s about mutual understanding and trust. “He is such a happy horse,” Wendi shared. “Even though he had 10 months off due to illness, he came back stronger and more enthusiastic. His passage is so powerful and off the ground. He gives me the feeling that there is more to come.”

The Role of Fiber Fresh
At Fiber Fresh, we are proud to support Wendi and her team. For over 20 years, Fiber Fresh products have been integral to their feeding program. Wendi emphasized, “Fiber Fresh has been a staple on our feeding program for over 20 years. All the team, from weanlings to Grand Prix horses, benefit from Fiber Fresh fibre products in their diet.”

Our products like Fiber Protect play a crucial role in supporting muscle development and gut health in competition horses, while Fiber Meadow provides consistent fibre for young horses, supporting their growth in a balanced manner. Wendi’s dedication to her horses’ nutrition mirrors our commitment to providing high-quality feed that ensures optimal health and performance.

Looking Ahead
As Wendi and Don Vito bask in the success of their Sydney campaign, they are also planning their next steps. Back at their Waimauku base, they are already preparing for future competitions with the same dedication and passion that brought them success in Sydney.

We at Fiber Fresh are immensely proud of Wendi Williamson and Don Vito MH. Their achievements not only highlight their exceptional talent and hard work but also demonstrate the effectiveness of our fibre for performance horses. We look forward to supporting them in their future endeavours and celebrating many more victories together.

Congratulations, Wendi and Don Vito MH! Here’s to many more triumphs and continued excellence in the world of dressage.