Your horse requires at least 1.5% of their bodyweight in Dry Matter fibre each day.


Fiber Protect

Fiber Protect®

Health & Protection
Premium forage fibre for optimal health
  • Fresh cut lucerne with Xanotyde®
  • Aids in the prevention of ulcers in horses
  • ACVM Registered
  • Highly digestible quality protein to build muscle and immunity
  • High in digestible energy, but very low in sugar and starch
  • Retains Vitamin E levels similar to fresh forage
  • Improves top-line and condition
Fiber Boost

Fiber Boost®

Growth & Condition
Suitable for all horses that require an all-round conditioning slow release energy feed
  • Fresh cut lucerne and freshly kibbled barley
  • Builds top-line and condition
  • Superior protein and amino acids for young growing horses
  • Retains vitamin E levels similar to fresh forage
Fiber Ezy

Fiber Ezy®

Health & Digestion
For horses that require cool energy and are sensitive to high starch feeds
  • Fresh cut lucerne and equine specialty grasses
  • Unique blend of high nutritional fibres
  • Moderate protein and energy
  • Very low in starch and sugar
  • Retains vitamin E levels similar to forage
Fiber Mix

Fiber Mix®

Health & Performance
For performance horses with additional energy requirements
  • Fresh cut lucerne and traditional whole oat plant
  • Delicious blend of legume and cereal forage fibres seasoned with oat grain
  • Sustained energy balanced with moderate protein
  • Retains vitamin E levels similar to fresh forage


(Non-Lucerne Blend)
Health & Digestibility
A highly digestible cool energy fibre, comprised of high fibre grasses (no Lucerne). Perfectly ensiled to optimise palatability and preserve all quality nutrients
  • Quality NON LUCERNE fibre source
  • Highly digestible
  • Suits every equine diet
  • Lower in protein and energy
  • Retains vitamin E levels similar to fresh forage
  • Low in sugar and starch