Alice Best

Alice Best

Territory Manager - South Waikato & King Country

Phone: 027 371 1773

Alice Best holds a degree in Historical Studies from Bristol University and has over a decade of experience in London's financial services sector. Joining Fiber Fresh in September 2021 following a break to raise her children, Alice wanted to work for a company she believed in—and Fiber Fresh's mission resonated with her.

Within her role, Alice thrives on educating others about the efficacy of Fiber Fresh feeds, enjoying the satisfaction of seeing animals flourish and witnessing delighted customers. Beyond her professional endeavours, Alice finds solace in riding her horses, spending cherished moments with her family, and enjoying leisurely walks with her dog. During summer, she often frequents polo pitches alongside her husband.

Caring for a variety of horses, from mature, to miniature, to spirited Thoroughbreds, Alice has an educated understanding of their diverse feeding needs. Her horses favour Protect and NRM Evolve in winter, while she admires the cost-effective blend of Mix (soon to be Active) with a balancer during warmer months. Alice also holds Boost in high regard, recalling the positive impact it had on her older Thoroughbred.

Alice's golden rule for feeding animals is clear: fibre isn't a mere side dish—it's the main course! Her commitment to educating people about the importance of quality fibre stems from a blend of expertise and a heartfelt dedication to ensuring animals stay healthy and thrive.