Alice Best

Alice Best

Territory Manager - South Waikato & King Country. BA History

Phone: 027 371 1773

Alice has been riding since she was 4 years old and started on a Shetland pony called Sheila in Richmond Park in the UK.

Alice's main involvement in horses over the last few years has been through polo and she has done everything from grooming, to making young polo horses to now being a polo wife on the sidelines. Alice's previously non-horsey husband is now a polo convert playing for Kihikihi.

Alice's professional background is in financial services, where she was the VP for Bank of New York Mellon one of the custodians of financial services. Alice developed a passion for polo and a jumped into a career change which resulted in Alice selling the major horse feed brands for a wholesaler in the north of England and in this job, found she loved chatting to people about how best to feed their horses.

Alice's Philosophy: “I think it’s best to keep it as simple as possible – save your money and use it for the fun side of riding – however that looks for you! I currently have three horses (oops) - two semi-retired polo ponies and a young thoroughbred. They all have their own feeding challenges as the thoroughbreds tend towards being skinny and the other is a chubby chap. They all get Fiber Fresh though! I love Mix for them in the summer with a balancer on top. That way they get their fibre requirements, with a little bit of energy through the oats and the vitamins and minerals they need through the balancer. In the winter, I add pellets for calories, lose the balancer and switch to Protect, which has a little more in the way of protein. They love it!”