Chris Houston

Chris Houston

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 021 741 930

Having joined us in early January 2024, Chris was drawn to Fiber Fresh by its innovative products and collaborative work environment. "The dynamic nature of my role is what I find most rewarding," Chris explains. "Each day presents unique challenges and opportunities, allowing me to contribute to our team's ongoing success."

Outside of his executive duties, Chris values family time and personal interests. He prioritizes spending quality time with his loved ones, particularly his children and grandchildren. His passion for automobiles, both classic and contemporary, reflects his appreciation for craftsmanship and quality. Additionally, Chris remains a steadfast supporter of the Warriors, stating, "I have supported them since 1995, have done the hard yards as a supporter and very rarely do I miss watching a game!"

Raised in an agricultural environment, Chris has a deep-rooted connection to the industry. He acknowledges that his upbringing instilled in him a profound respect for the land and its inhabitants, particularly horses and cattle. While he may not currently feed Fiber Fresh personally, Chris holds a genuine appreciation for the product's quality and efficacy, recognizing the crucial role in supporting animal health and performance. He stated that with his daughters learning to ride, in no time he will likely be feeding Fiber Fresh.