Sharni Passeri

Sharni Passeri

Territory Manager - South Island

Phone: 027 221 7267

Sharni Grew up In Australia and has ridden since she was 4. Sharni experienced a bit of every discipline in Australia including track work but since moving to New Zealand is now focussing on Dressage as her main discipline.

Professionally Sharni is a Qualified Vet Nurse – 80% of her time which was focussed on Farm and specialising in the equine field.

Sharni managed an Orthopaedic Referral Clinic and a large team prior to joining Fiber Fresh.

Sharni's philosophy: “Boost / Mix is a favourite in my stable especially in the shorter days. My broodmare loves her boost and looks just fabulous! I really enjoy sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years and helping people understand the importance of ensuring there is enough Fibre in their horses diet! Especially the stressful TB's – the change in the horses when their diet has the right amount of fiber is unreal!

Having been in the veterinary industry for over 12 years in Australia & New Zealand I have learnt how important our equines diets are, especially when it comes to ulcer prevention.

We expect horses to perform at a high level, however, unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to fibre intake for our equines and how much really is enough!

Increasing fiber and having less concentrated feed is better. Since focusing on ensuring the base of the feed is fiber, my horses have never looked better!