Wendi Williamson


Fuelled By Fiber Fresh

Biggest Equestrian Accomplishment:

Competing internationally (America, Europe and Australia) and winning the Pacific League World Cup Qualifier on two horses I trained from newly broken in to Grand Prix (Don Amour MH and Deja Vu MH).

What are your goals for the coming season?

I have an exciting lineup of horses for the future, two who are nearly Grand Prix and a range of younger up and coming horses. I want to keep learning from each horse I train and hopefully take them to the top level, the aim being international competition again in the future.

Why do you feed Fiber Protect?

I feed Fiber Protect for several reasons, number one is because of the proven benefits in preventing gastric ulcers, secondly, it is a very nutritious fibre source that is high in protein for muscle development.

The one horse to watch?

Solo extremely talented, level 5 this coming season.

Can you Share a Horse Feeding Tip?

Feed for the level of energy output your horse is getting in fibre before adding hard feed. Hard feed should be secondary to fibre in any horse's feed.

What do you never leave home without?

Plenty of feed. I like my horses to have plenty of fibre and water to keep their energy levels up to be able to give me their best.

What is Your Number One Tip for Travelling Horses?

Feeding approximately 1kg of fibre before travel makes a huge difference to how your horses travel. Without anything in their gut, acid splash can make them really uncomfortable

Can you tell us who inspires you?

Other competitors in my grade. I often find that I ride so much better when the competition is tougher. Other riders push me to be better.

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