Hannah Doak

Hannah Doak

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 027 202 4714
Email: hannah.doak@fiber-fresh.com

Hannah completed her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology from The University of Waikato in 2022, specializing in memory and cognition. With a rich background spanning over more than ten years, she's delved into eventing, riding instructing, worked in racing stables, and currently serves as a Swabbing Official for the Racing Integrity Board. In early 2023, she joined us as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator, bringing her wealth of expertise and broad knowledge of various horse industries.

Having grown up on Canterbury Park Farm, a thoroughbred breeding and agistment farm, Hannah developed a profound appreciation for the versatility of thoroughbreds. She fed our products before joining our team and said she was: "Excited to share with people, a product she personally believes in." She followed up by saying that "Anyone who says thoroughbreds aren't good doers need to come check out our place. They just need quality, fresh fibre. If anything, we struggle more with keeping the weight off than putting it on!"

Specializing in eventing and rehabilitating horses, Hannah emphasizes the importance of quality fibre in their diets. She stresses the significance of Fiber Fresh’s essential amino acids in aiding repair and the immune system during recovery, recognizing the vital foundation a balanced diet provides for successful rehabilitation.

Hannah's dedication is evident, with Fiber Fresh becoming a staple for all her horses and animals, including her curious dog Mila, who seems quite keen on the Fiber Protect. She said: "Even my dog is always trying to get into the Fiber Protect, she must be able to smell the protein in it!"